Gallery Grow is a creative, project-driven space where people are welcomed to learn, create, and grow with us. We were born out of a love for growing houseplants and succulents in fun new ways.

We are a space designed to create a living project. Walk-in projects include soil, plants, and embellishments. Walk-ins are taken all day during store hours, up to one hour before close. Our staff will set you up at a workstation and guide you on how to construct your project and care for your plants. 

Houseplants and containers are also available to purchase, and our planting bar is complimentary with the purchase of a plant and container.

We also have a large selection of houseplants, succulents, air-plants, pottery, and garden-related décor that can be purchased.

From Our Friends at Fig Magazine
"There's a new kind of artist studio on Gallery Row. Gallery Grow at 150 North Prince Street invites city dwellers to get creative, sink their hands into fresh earth, and create something beautiful to liven up their living space.⁠ ⁠ An idea that sprung to life from the team at Ken’s Gardens,⁠ the Gallery Grow mission is to “joyfully grow creativity in⁠ Downtown Lancaster.” The space they have created holds⁠ a garden of possibilities—lush greenery, colorful blooms,⁠ and stunning containers line the walls and welcome expert⁠ urban gardeners, and tentative plant enthusiasts alike to create living, breathing, art projects. Experts are on hand to lead workshops, offer advice and help makers in deciding on a project that best suits their needs. Visitors⁠ can walk in with an idea and a plan or on a whim, and walk⁠ out with a completed project. The experts at Gallery Grow are happy to set visitors up with supplies and a workstation and space to get creative, or to provide guidance and advice through a project.⁠ ⁠ The boutique houses a large selection of houseplants,⁠ succulents, air-plants, pottery, and garden-related décor,⁠ making it an urban oasis to celebrate life, growth, and⁠ creativity in the heart of Lancaster. They also offer curbside pick up featuring many trendy houseplants, succulents and containers. ⁠ ⁠ The family of Ken’s Gardens is excited to join the Lancaster⁠ downtown community, and are looking forward to customers enjoying creative experiences in their garden⁠ boutique.⁠"
(Pictured are Co-Founders Kathy & Kendra)

We also offer a full service garden center; Ken's Gardens, with two convenient locations in Smoketown and Intercourse/Ronks.
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10:00am – 05:00pm



Thursday - Saturday

10:00am – 05:00pm